Consiglia Ennis

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.32.51 PM  Consiglia A. Ennis, born Oct. 29, 1923, in Naples, Italy, passed away on June 7, 2016.
  She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Alexander Ennis, of Concrete; baby daughter Mary, who died at birth in 1948; her mother; and a brother and two sisters in Italy.
  She is survived by her two daughters: Maria Snell and her four children Sharee Ringel, Alisha, Holly, Austin, Skye, of Cascade, Idaho, and Daniel Mark Ringel of Everson, his son Hunter of Everson, Stephen Ray Snell of Everson, Jesse Franklin Snell of Everson, Sharee’s children, Alisha, husband Jeremy of Boise, Idaho, their children Ryder, Cross Jaxson, Emalyn, Austin Ringel (Heidi), Adiley, Jayne Remmington Lee of Sumas, Holly Haskin, son Wyatt, Skye Lewis Titus; and daughter Anita Jean Cumby of Northport, Washington, her son Alex Lee Crumby (Juliet) of Concrete and their sons Stephen and Spencer. There are numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, as well as many adults who loved and “adopted” their Aunt Consiglia.
  Her life was a life of giving and service to others beginning at a very early age. She spoke of working at the age of 7 to help her mother support their family. Some of the work included assisting with the care of her invalid father, picking olives, working in hayfields and caring for the children of others more affluent than her family was. She talked of learning how to cook by observing other adults.
  Consiglia experienced first-hand the ravages of World War II and talked sadly of losing many relatives as a result of the war.
  One of her later jobs was washing the clothes of soldiers (by hand) based at a nearby camp in her hometown. One of them, Frank Alexander Ennis, tried to enlist her help for his laundry, but she was already overbooked. Despite her refusal and the fact neither one could speak each other’s language fluently, he visited often and ultimately they fell in love and married on Aug. 4, 1945. When his tour of Italy ended, they left Italy with a baby daughter, Maria, and traveled all the way to Bellingham. There they lived with his mother and sisters until they bought their first home on Henry Street in Bellingham. They lived there raising their children for approximately 20 years.
  Frank and Consiglia purchased recreational property at Cedargrove in Concrete, but eventually turned the trailer and wooded lots into a more permanent home where they “retired.”
  Consiglia took her skills of cooking, gardening and flowers with her by turning their property into a haven of beauty and service to others.
  Her meals were feasts and it was impossible to walk away hungry or leave without something to munch on later. Her pantry was always freely shared with others. At some point she and Frank both began volunteering at the Concrete Food Bank where they served faithfully for many years. She also was a longtime member of Concrete Rebekah Lodge.
  After moving to Lynden, Consiglia continued her outreach both in her fantastic multi-course meals and preparing for others. Her Costco bills were much higher than needed for one person, as she always shopped with the favorite foods of others in mind. As her health declined, giving up this vital part of her was difficult and she continued to try to keep on “doing.”
  After a brief stay at an adult family home, Consiglia came to live with her daughter Maria. They shared many early morning cups of coffee and doughnuts (which became one of her favorite treats). She looked forward to visits from friends and family, and her eyes continued to light up reviewing the latest grocery ads. She maintained her strong spirit and quirky sense of humor to the end.
  But she was ready and looking forward to the reunion with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as well as with friends and family members who had gone before her.
  I can’t help picturing her free of worry and pain and still eager to serve others. Maybe even making her famous “deviled” eggs and supervising the menu for the Great Marriage Supper of the Lamb. She will be greatly missed by us all. We love you, Mom.
  A memorial service will be held on June 25 at 10 a.m. in Faith Reformed Church of Lynden. A graveside service will be in Concrete at the Forest Park Cemetery on June 25 at 1:30 p.m.
  Memorials may be made to Project Hope in Lynden or the Concrete Food Bank.
   Arrangements are under the care of Hawthorne Funeral Home, Mount Vernon.